Your Guide to Installing a Visitor Management System

Any office would want to have control over visitor data. But how efficient are the conventional ways of maintaining visitor data? Do all visitors enter only authentic data in the sign-in sheets? Are safety and security guaranteed? For the best solution, implement an online visitor management system(VMS). The software will reduce the manual work. It can even be tweaked to perform the job more efficiently. If you have already decided to implement a software-based visitor management system, it is common to have many doubts. How to find out which software would best suit your needs? Here are a few questions that might help.

Vistor Badge System
  • To what extent can the Visitor Management System be customized?

Visitor management software is designed to provide the administrator with reports. You need to check if these reports can be customized. Your front desk setup can be designed/ modified based on these reports. For instance, you can use reports to know the times when there is a high inflow of visitors. Maybe an extra receptionist at those times would help manage the inflow. Thus, the software must allow the admin to set/change the parameters of the report. Also, it would be better if the software generates automated reports.

  • Is the software adaptable?

The check-in process varies from organization to organization. Thus, there is no one-size-fits-all VMS. Good software will allow you to customize the whole process to suit your organization’s protocols. Everything from your visitor badge system, to what details are required of them should be decided by the company using the software. Ensure that the software has the required provisions for that. Software that seamlessly integrates with third-party applications is preferred by most of the top organizations. The last thing you want to do is change the everyday applications used due to compatibility issues.

  • Can the data be backed to the cloud?

Cloud-based applications have gained popularity due to the valuable benefits they provide. Check whether your VMS is a cloud-based application. When your organization expands, all costs rise. You do not want to be spending on infrastructure costs when easy scaling is available through cloud-based applications. Cloud-based apps support both vertical and horizontal scaling. There is no risk of data loss in case the systems on the premises crash. With proper access control measures in place, you are good to go.

  • What about guest departure?

While facilities strictly control entry points, the exit is not usually given the same importance. What if a guest has not left the premises even after the time for which they were granted access has elapsed? Does the software track whether the guests are leaving on time? Many visitor management applications have a face-recognition feature that can be employed at exit-points to check the time of exit. Also, in case a visitor has not left on time, the system is equipped to detect and send an alert to the security personnel. These are the features that make the VMS better than the traditional methods. Thus, it is important to ask these questions while implementing software to manage visitor data.

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