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Stepping through the door of our Gastown office, you won’t find a fancy lobby or receptionist. But you will be greeted with a friendly smile and the chime of a merchant’s doorbell, a sound that says, “Welcome. We are at your service.” On the wall, you’ll see some old wooden shoe lasts. These remind us daily that, like any skilled trade, creating a quality brand takes imagination, know-how, and a passion for detail. It also requires some tailoring. Brand making is never one-size-fits-all.

We think the best solutions are custom-made, entirely suited to your budget and business goals. At Imaginista, we’ll work tirelessly to plan, design, and craft the pieces you need – whether it’s a strategy, a corporate identity, a package design, a website, or anything else. So give our little shop a call (or just ring our doorbell). We’ll help you break free from the flock, by making a brand that inspires.

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Meet Lucera. She represents both the dreams of our clients and the creativity we provide that helps them stand out. That creativity also gives us wings – the freedom to see beyond the expected and create something new.
Which brings us to the harness. This illustrates the control, care and foresight we use when producing each piece. And finally, her style reflects our attention to even the tiniest of details. All of which allows us to create work that is made to measure, memorable and timeless.

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